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Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Standard Wand Cleaning is the hot water extraction carpet cleaning method (often referred to as "steam" cleaning). It is a deep-cleaning process that begins with a pre-spray of cleaning solution that is applied to the carpet to aid in the dissolving of soil deposits. This is followed by an injection of a pressurized hot water rinsing solution into the carpet, next by an immediately powerful vacuum extraction. This removes the soils, pollutants, allergens, dust, and other contaminants from the carpeting.  Your carpets are always thoroughly rinsed, even removing old soaps and residue from previous improper cleanings done by others!

Call (971) 254-5244
Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning


For more aggressive cleaning, the Rotary Restoration carpet cleaning method is generally used on abused or extremely soiled carpet using the Rotovac 360i that brings heavily-soiled carpets back to life. Rotary heads clean from all directions with hundreds of cleaning passes, the high-torque motors keep the quality consistent throughout the entire process. Restores matted traffic areas and removes tough stains and  any shadowing that the manual wand might leave behind. Before you throw that dirty old carpet away, give us a call! Residential and commercial carpet cleaning services.

Call (971) 254-5244
Residential & Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Hydra-Clean Steam Cleaning for 
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We specialize in providing a variety of carpet cleaning services to our valued clients in Salem and surrounding Willamette Valley areas.

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Owner Ryan Smith has over 15 years experience in the carpet cleaning industry, so you can trust that our carpet cleaning professionals are extremely thorough and provide extensively detailed carpet cleaning services for all of your home or office carpet cleaning projects.

Many homeowners want the choice of using a 'green' carpet cleaning products but not all carpet cleaning companies offer these green products. A lot of carpet cleaning companies use low-quality chemicals to clean carpets and upholstery which can leave sticky residue. This residue ends up attracting soil and other particles which can work their way deep into your carpets in no time!  To eliminate any residue that might attract dirt, we thoroughly rinse soaps away.

Based in Salem we also offer carpet cleaning service in Salem, Dallas, Silverton, Stayton, Keizer, Independence and surrounding communities..

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YES! You can believe, rely on and trust that our prices are for real! Our offered price is not a "special" ... it's simply our great regular price! 


No leader bait-and-switch ads, no sales pitch. We are an honest, stable company who wants happy carpet cleaning customers and wants your referrals for more business! Call for your free quotes on commercial carpet cleaning services.



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